Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Interrupting Cat - The Letter K

Let me explain this one for those of you in the viewing audience who are not pathetic geeks like me.  Before I do so, however, I'd also like to note that if I were better at this quasi-cartooning, this whole month will have involved terrible puns.  Twenty-six terrible puns.

Anyway, Kandor is a city from the fictional world of Krypton, better known as Superman's birth planet.  Kandor is best known, however, as the so-called Bottled City.  It became such thanks to the supervillain Brainiac (who is much, much more awesome than his name implies, especially when depicted by Geoff Johns, whose version would make for an excellent addition to the Man of Steel's latest cinematic adventures).  Brainiac's visit to Krypton was one of the last things to happen to the planet before its destruction.  He visits worlds a little like Marvel's Galactus, but instead of eating them he collects representative samplings, which amount to cities, naturally, which he shrinks and bottles (some of this becomes self-explanatory, even if it sounds...somewhat implausible if you're not familiar with comic book logic).

So, for geeks this one hopefully is slightly funnier than usual.  For everyone else, Boo will be getting back to her usual cat logic tomorrow!

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